Meet the Monroe native on Project Runway's reboot season

The realization that fashion could be a form of self-expression led Lela Orr to a career in the fashion industry and launching her own brand, Ferrah, in Dallas. It has also led her to reality television. Orr, a former Monroe resident, will appear as a contestant in the new season of "Project Runway" when it returns to Bravo on March 14. Orr was a fan of the fashion-design competition in high school and dreamed of appearing on the show. When the reboot was announced, a friend sent in an applic

How to Write a Target Customer Profile for a Fashion Line

When you own or manage a fashion line, a target customer profile, also referred to as a target audience profile, helps your marketing firm or division zero in on specific sections of the consumer market. This allows your fashion line's marketing dollars to stretch further and yield a greater return for each advertising dollar you spend. A target customer profile is also a helpful tool to utilize when choosing boutiques or retail partners for your fashion line. When you align your fashion with a

Windy city style takes center stage with blogger Brett Firdman

Looking to stay sleek in the "Windy City?" Lifestyle blogger Brett Firdman brings the best of fashion to Chicago with a blend of luxury finds and approachable pieces any person can pull off. According to Brett's blog, Her Tasty Life, Brett loves all things style, whether it's home decor or fashion, distressed denim or killer heels. Her Instagram brings the best of fashion, food and a bit of travel to followers, one or two ensembles at a time.

Jewelry: Best Styles and Selection From All Your Favorite Jewelry Stores

Did you ever get distracted by something shiny? Was it a ruby, a diamond, a sapphire or an emerald? The world’s most precious stones and semi-precious gems feature bewitching hues and precision cuts capable of capturing the light and enhancing the allure of the wearer. You come by your taste for bling naturally. Many of the world's oldest artifacts are jewelry. Scientists believe the most ancient pieces were crafted of shells and strung for a necklace or bracelet approximately 100,000 years ago according to the BBC.

What to Say in a Fashion Interview

Interviewing for a job in the fashion industry requires many of the same skills you will use in a fashion career including attention to detail, industry expertise and confidence. When you are asked a question, answer with conviction to present yourself in the best possible light. If you feel a bit jittery as your appointment approaches, "try on" a few basic interview questions as you prep other important details, such as your wardrobe and portfolio.