Role of a Team Leader in Retail

In a retail environment, a team leader carries many responsibilities; these may vary slightly depending on the type of retailer employing him, but certain elements are consistent across retail stores, catalog order retailers and online retailers. The team leader's main role is to improve the individual sales people employed beneath him. Every other role is an extension of this basic function. A team leader should provide new and existing sales associates with tips and training to give them a co

The Difference Between a Discount Period & Credit Period

The terms discount period and credit period both refer to specific points in time related to the use of trade credit. Trade credit, a type of short-term debt, allows a business or firm to purchase goods from another company without immediate payment. Instead, payment is expected within a previously specified time frame after the invoicing date. Small businesses involved in retail, either in-store or online, frequently utilize trade credit to purchase both recurring and occasional inventory purch

How to Reduce Risks With Small Businesses

Every type of business, from a large corporation to a small sole-proprietorship, carries with it a series of risks. Many of the risks, such as personnel safety, consumer market transitions and potential legal issues, are consistent considerations for all companies. However, most small businesses do not have a budget capable of supporting the outcome of a crisis and continued business operations. Small businesses must consistently work toward reducing risks to ensure continued success when new op

The Disadvantages of Social Networking in the Workplace

Small business owners need to assess the potential negative effects of social media in the workplace, before placing employees in front of a computer that has unlimited internet access. Social media's negative effects on productivity can lead to a loss of revenue, while widespread use of social networks for internal communications makes the loss of sensitive company data a distinct possibility. Before hiring a worker who must use the internet for work, draft a social media policy that addresses

How to Do Inventory of Office Supplies

Most likely your company maintains a selection of office supplies for employee use, which means you need to maintain a consistently updated list of inventory purchased and used within a specific accounting period. An accurate inventory serves a two-fold purpose: it helps ensure your business does not run out of necessary office supplies, and it allows you to properly account for office supply purchases as assets or liabilities under an accrual system of accounting.